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The Clans

An internal “clan system” encourages everyone to get involved. We have four clans; green, blue, red and yellow. Clan Captains are nominated and each clan has students from all years. The Clans compete throughout the year and are awarded points  and each clan member can make a difference in the overall score of their Clan. On the last day of summer term we hold our annual sports day and prize giving and the winning Clan is announced. Students are in a Clan from first year and remain in that Clan until they leave the school and so they develop a great loyalty to their Clan. Old Scholars still take an interest in how their Clan is doing.

The Clans

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Clan Orienteering

The first ever Clan Orienteering Competition took place in Newtown School on January 2013. The event was organised by Mr Cox and proved to be a huge success. The competition saw the vast majority of the school participate in an attempt to win as many points for their clans as possible. The new competition was followed by a presentation in Collect, where participants were presented with medals and Blue Clan were presented with the new and prestigious “Dobbs Shield”. Hopefully this event will keep growing and will be eagerly anticipated year after year. At Newtown we have always encouraged participation.It is often the least likely young people that persevere and succeed in orienteering.

Cunning running orienteering by another name

Orienteering has been introduced last year as a module in Transition Year. All pupils in 4th year are introduced to this outdoor activity and given a chance to develop both their skills and their role as instructors. Some had the opportunity to use these instructor skills to assist at primary school training events. An inter-clan event was held for the first time in 2012. Blue Clan were narrow winners in the inaugural event. Large numbers participated

Clan Tennis

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Clan Swimming Gala

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