Newtown School

Community Spirit


The fundamental principle which Friends stress, that in every person there is something of God, capable of direct illumination from God, must apply equally to young people as to adults and must therefore set the tone for the whole life of the School.

Teachers and students make a community living and working together under discipline in friendship and mutual respect. The whole community should live together in friendship, each one recognising the special position held by the others and the contribution required from each for the perfection of the common life.

Each and every member of the school community enjoys the right as a member of the community to participate fully in and to contribute positively to the life and work of the school community without let or hindrance from others.

To work towards this ideal we must:

  • Talk to the appropriate people about difficulties as they arise

  • Share our enthusiasms with others and support each other in becoming involved because those who contribute most benefit best and the community sustains a range of curricular and extra-curricular activities which offers ample opportunity for individual recognition across the spectrum of ability and aptitude

  • Place our emphasis on positive and healthy living.

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