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Extra Curricular Activities


Newtown School is much more than a 9am to 4pm school. Our students, both day and boarding, are actively encouraged to take part in numerous extra-curricular activities provided on and off site.  A variety of interests are catered for, ranging from Orienteering to Linguistics.

While students have enjoyed many successes in a variety of sports and activities both as team members and in individual events, in line with our Quaker ethos, we value participation over achievement.

Sports and music are not all that we do here at Newtown School, we also offer other activities…



CoderDojo is a computing club for young people who are interested in learning how to code. Alongside teaching code, it’s also an outlet for those who already know coding. It provides time and space to meet peers with similar interests and an environment to work on projects. It’s similar to how a co-working space works for programme developers but is less formal. By working on their own projects, it encourages members to build something from nothing. This helps them develop creativity, skills, and teamwork.

CoderDojo is one of a number of private and non-profit ventures across the globe introducing coding skills to students. Coding is the language of the web and is considered an important skill for the future. What started as a club in 2011 is now a global movement. Founded in Ireland by James Whelton, it has over 200 clubs in 26 countries.  The CoderDojo Club in Newtown School is staffed by parent volunteers and started in January 2013. It meets weekly on Wednesdays in the Computer room and is open to all students. For more information, contact [email protected].


Students have the opportunity to take part in productions; in recent years,  the school engaged in the production of ‘Grease – the Musical’.


Debating is encouraged in Newtown School and students are offered the chance to partake in competitions during the year, including Model U.N.   Taking part in debating can be a valuable asset to students in both their work and personal lives.



Linguistics is offered as part of our Transition Year programme and students from other years can also take part in classes.  Newtown School first entered the all-Ireland Linguistics Competition in 2009 and were deemed to be the overall winner resulting in members of the team representing Ireland at the World Linguistics Olympiad in Poland in 2009.  Enthusiasm for this area of study continues amongst students.


The Newtown Review, which is published every year, is a unique opportunity for students to get involved in journalism and publication. Fifth year students take responsibility for the entire project under the guidance of staff.  Students also engage in other journalistic activities throughout the year. Visit our Newtown Review Page


Cunning running orienteering by another name! Orienteering was introduced in recent years as a module in Transition Year. All students in 4th year are introduced to this outdoor activity and given a chance to develop both their orienteering and instructor skills. Some students have had the opportunity to use instructor skills to assist at primary school training events.

Our students regularly participate in orienteering competitions including a trip to Bristol. Competitive orienteering involves running from checkpoint to checkpoint. It is more demanding than road running, not only because of the terrain, but because the orienteer must constantly concentrate, make decisions, and keep track of the distance covered.

Orienteering challenges both the mind and the body; however, the competitor’s ability to think under pressure and make wise decisions is more important than speed or endurance.

An inter-clan orienteering event was held for the first time in 2012 with large numbers participating. Blue Clan were narrow winners in the inaugural event.

Clan Cross Country Run



Newtown School has a fully equipped dark room. Many of the photographs on this website were taken by students.

Gaisce Awards

Students are encouraged to participate in the President’s Awards – Gaisce.
The President’s Award is Ireland’s National Challenge Award for young people, the country’s most prestigious and respected individual Award programme. It is a challenge from the President of Ireland to the young people of Ireland.
Gaisce works on the basis of a personal challenge set by the student. Students are supported by a staff member who is a President’s Award Leader. All challenges are individual. Many of our students are awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold Gaise Awards

Reaching Out/Community Work

Service in a variety of forms is a fundamental expression of Quakerliness At Newtown School we believe that service to the community is important and that working on behalf of real communities and reaching out to those who are less well-off tends to ground students who might otherwise lean toward a too idealized view of the world

Students are encouraged to get involved in community projects and activities that will assist charitable organisations and local groups. While students from all years can take part in projects, most projects are undertaken by students in Transition Year

Visit our Transition year page

Our students are encouraged to live adventurously!



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