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Pastoral care

nj_pastoralcare_01The care and welfare of our students is a high priority in Newtown School. Students are encouraged to give of their best, to support one another and to grow in confidence. We provide an environment in which students feel comfortable, safe and secure in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect

Positive interaction is actively encouraged between students. We strive to provide the conditions where our students can develop abilities, skills and talents. We provide activities appropriate to age and stage that encourage each individual student to develop spiritually, culturally, morally and socially. We place a strong emphasis on developing student’ responsibility – for themselves and others.

The school is an open and friendly school with a whole school approach towards Pastoral Care involving all staff and students. The supporting framework of the pastoral care system is:

  • Each class group has a tutor who  is a teacher in regular class contact with them.
  • Each class group also has a Prefect assigned to them and regularly it is the Prefects who are best place to help students with minor problems. Prefects will also alert staff to issues which may require staff intervention.
  • Junior Cycle(1st, 2nd, 3rd Year) and Senior Cycle (4th,5th, 6th Year)  coordinators support the students and tutors in the relevant years.
  • For boarder’s in residence, a member of the House Staff is allocated to each year group.
  • The Guidance counselor is available to help and advise students on a one to one basis.
  • Residential and nursing staff, as well as providing medical assistance, offer support and a listening ear to any student worries.
  • Social, Personal and Health Education (S.P.H.E.) is taught within the timetable for years 1-4, Relationships & Sexuality Education (R.S.E.) for years 5 & 6.

The Clans promote a sense of belonging and community within the school and more recently they have been supported by the C.O.S.I team who have organised fun activities to bring the whole school community together.

(  C.O.S.I = The school is a Centre Of Social Innovation. The school organises Y.S.I (Young Social Innovators) through the Transition Year Program. From the success in this programme the school was invited to become a Centre Of Social Innovation with a volunteer team of students active in promoting social inclusion within and outside school.)

One of the findings of the survey of students carried out in 2012 was as follows:

Students’ confidence grew yearly and from second-year on it was particularly noticeable, indicating a growth in confidence the longer students are in the school. These comments by two second-year students are reflected throughout the student body “Not shy any more” and “It made me more confident”. Many students also mentioned related traits that being at Newtown School developed in them such as social skills, sociability and “feeling comfortable in my own skin”.

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