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Poetry Slam Workshop for TY

Tuesday 20th December

Poetry Slam Workshop for TY Tuesday 20th December (Please bring your phone / laptop/ tablet and something to write on)

Inspireland Poetry Slam Workshops help young people build confidence in their literary skills, as well as public speaking and more advanced rhetorical techniques. These workshops are for young people of all abilities. Every year they deliver creative writing and poetry slam workshops to over 6,000 students throughout Ireland.

“We encourage young people to write without judgement, grades or barriers. No subject matter or language is taboo. We treat them like adults, then we challenge them to act like it. With the advantage of not being teachers, we sell poetry as rebellion and honesty of expression, quoting that five of our sixteen executed rebels of 1916 were in fact poets. Poetry is all around them: online, in the songs they listen to, the movies and TV programmes they watch, the video games they play, and in the street art they admire.

They are the poets of a generation writing about issues that affect them directly: self-image, equality, bullying, addiction, social media, identity and much more. We tell them that they don’t have to be academically brilliant to be able to write. Every comedian, rapper, songwriter, video game and movie producer is a writer, but was not necessarily a genius at school. We empower young people by showing them how to discover their very own voices. Then we teach them the art of creative expression.

They learn the tricks – we give them the tools – they produce the magic.”

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