Newtown School

School Governance

Newtown School was opened in 1798 in order that “the children of Friends may have the advantage of a religious education and be in some degree preserved from the dangerous consequences of being brought up in a less guarded manner…”

Children who were not members of the Society of Friends were first permitted to enter in 1874.  Today the school draws students of all religious persuasions and none and appreciates the contribution of all denominations to our society.

Newtown School is under the ownership of Quakers (the Religious Society of Friends) in Munster (Munster Quarterly Meeting) and they are represented by the “Patron” body which is a committee of six Quakers (Friends) appointed by M.Q.M. Since the summer of 2015 Patron have appointed Newtown School Board of Management (BOM). The Board of Management has replaced the School Committee and sub committees to perform the functions of a BOM as set out in the 1998 Education Act. The School thanks all those volunteers who have given of their free time to serve the school on School Committee and the various subcommittees over the past years and those who have taken up positions on the BOM to guide the school into the future.

Newtown School Board of Management is responsible to and reports to Munster Quarterly Meeting [MQM] through Newtown School Patron, a sub-committee of MQM. The Chairperson of the Board is Redmond O’Donoghue.

Day to day management of the school is the responsibility of the School Principal, who is supported by the Senior Management of the school.  The Principal reports to, and is secretary to, the Board of Management.

The Board of Management consists of 8  people

  • Four  nominated by Patron
  • Two  nominated by Teaching staff
  • Two nominated by Parents
  • The Principal attends as secretary to the Board.

The Board of Management has a Finance sub Committee which oversees the financial affairs of the school and makes recommendations to the BOM. There are currently 5 members of this sub committee.

The Board of Management  meets approximately every six weeks, generally on a Thursday and the meeting is run on the lines of a Quaker Business Meeting, starting with a short period of silent worship, allowing all present to look for the quietness in his or herself to be able to listen and be open to the ideas of the collected meeting. One must not hurry, but take time to consider the points made from whatever source. It is important not to be influenced by numbers or persistence. The decisions made come from the collective will of the whole meeting and are  gathered by the Chairperson whose duty it is to secure the sense of the meeting. There is no vote taken. Minutes are read at meetings to see if the secretary has understood the sense of the meeting, adjusted if necessary and approved.



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