Boarding at Newtown School

Boarding in Newtown School

Great importance is attached to the creation of a friendly, close-knit community in which young people can settle, make firm friendships, feel at home and thrive.

There are two residences, Annamaur (girls) and Arnold Marsh (boys). Accommodation is mostly in dorms but there are also twin and single rooms. There is a common room in both houses. Residential staff have rooms in the residences. Non-residential teaching staff are also involved in residential duties on a rota basis.

A designated residential staff member is assigned to each year group. There is always a staff member is on duty when students are in the boarding houses.

Students decorate their dorms with posters and pictures and bring their personal belongings to create a homely environment for themselves.

Application for admission – 1st students [Boarders]

Application for admission – 2nd/3rd/4th/5th [Boarding]

Annual admission notice

Caring for the Health of Boarders and Day Boarder Students

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Dining at Newtown School

All palates, as well as special dietary requirements, vegetarian and vegan diets, are catered for. Our dedicated and professional catering staff provide nutritious meals for our day and boarder students. Providing Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner along with tea and snacks served at 11 am each day in our canteen.

Day Boarding

Every student at Newtown is encouraged to try new things, discover untapped talents, and push themselves beyond their expectations. By joining our day boarding programme, pupils who live at home have the opportunity to participate in after-school activities, stay on campus for the evening meal and study alongside boarders in supervised homework time, or Prep.

We offer different packages for day boarders, including:

  • All activities
  • All sports
  • All arts
  • Supervised evening study.
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