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Newtown, Mountmellick and Foy Old Scholars’ Association

(Incorporating: The Newtown, and Mountmellick Old Scholars’ Association and Old Foyonian Association)

The Old Scholars Association is a vibrant and enthusiastic part of the Newtown School community. The main objective of the Association is the advancement of education, primarily at Newtown School and in pursuing this objective the main activity is to provide a means for past students and staff of Newtown, Mountmellick and Bishop Foy Schools to maintain their contact with the school, thus enabling them to support its educational objectives and the educational progress of its students.

The Association also aims to foster friendship and communication between past scholars and staff throughout the world and by its actions will encourage amongst the scholars (in the words first used over a hundred years ago) “the pursuit of healthy and ennobling occupation, both physical and intellectual, and a high ideal of school life”.

Membership is open to any past student of Newtown or Mountmellick or Bishop Foy School, any past or present members of the schools’ staff and husbands or wives of Old Scholars. The Association is managed by a Committee consisting of the officers and nine members, three of the latter to be elected at each Annual General Meeting, to serve for three years, retiring members being eligible for re-election. The Committee, who serve in an entirely voluntary capacity, meet on a regular basis, usually at Newtown School and organise all Old Scholars events. These include an annual Old Scholars Reunion weekend held on the last full weekend in September each year in the school. Activities at the Old Scholars Reunion weekend include a hockey match between Old Scholars and present students and staff of the school, an archival photographic exhibition, a evening dinner and Sunday lunch in the school followed by a tree planting in the Old Scholars garden in the school.  Group photographs are taken throughout the weekend.

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