Getting Started

Living And Working In The School Community

The Principles of the School Community inform every aspect of school life. The Principles describe the community the School aspires to be.

  • Teachers and students make a community living and working together under discipline in friendship and mutual respect.
  • The whole community should live together in friendship, each one recognising the special position held by the others and the contribution required from each for the perfection of the common life.

School is a wonderful chance for young people to experience a one-of-a-kind educational atmosphere that is both personally and academically challenging. Each year Newtown School has welcomed new students into our network, creating a close-knit community, developing new relationships, exploring other cultures, and fostering discovery.

Getting Started

The School’s faculty and staff have a same goal:

To guarantee that the students in their care obtain a well-rounded and holistic education. The formation of a solid set of basic values, such as respect and a healthy work ethic, that will serve them for life is central to their education.

Understandably starting a new school can seem like a big change and may cause some nervousness. It is of great importance to our community to ensure that support is provided for all of our students. Support is available across the school, from members of staff who are also stationed in the dorms, to the school nurse, the Career and Guidance instructor, and Senior Students who are given the responsibility of recognising new students and assisting where they can.

Check out our Child -Safeguarding Policies.

For students beginning their journey at Newtown after 1st Year or later into the year, A “Shadow” which is a fellow student more than likely in the same class is asked to show new students around and help with introductions to the school.

The Board of Management and the Schools Staff members recognise the very serious nature of bullying and the negative impact that it can have on the lives of pupils, and is therefore fully committed to the following policies:

Newtown-Anti Bullying Policy

To view the school uniform simply click on the appropriate link below:

Boarder Boys – Uniform List 2023

Boarder Girls – Uniform List 2023

Day Boys – Uniform List 2023

Day Girls – Uniform List 2023

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